Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air

We have found a new, beautiful location and would like to create an experience that goes beyond "celebrating". It is a 24 hour dance ritual and it is not about simple entertainment, but rather the experience of the legendary musical journey of Ariane and Gil, to active immersion as a contrast to passive music consumption.


It is a family gathering and is based on a need which is as old as humanity itself: meeting to music and dance, honoring the tribe and the life. What has been integrated into the cultures of all natural peoples of the world to this day as a solid ritual seems to have long been forgotten in the West. Instead of the security in collectives, which master the crises of individuals jointly, isolation and competition are taking place in the ego society.

Line Up

Ariane aka The Nimba

Goa Gil aka The Nommos

Decoration Creations:

Free Optics

ExoMind Dekoteam



Bee Effects


Mapping by Radiate

Wooden Buildings by Mad Lane & Crew

Stage design by Pat Bimski

Chai & Snacks & Chillout by Lukas-arts.de

Books, Wisdom & Information by Magus Aquarius & Hans Cousto

Coffee by Namaste Café

Spacebar by Ganesh

Psychedelische Ambulanz by Eclipse e.V.

Artwork by Evil Ears Design

Sound by Audiorama Berlin


Airport Tutow

Flughafenring 31

17129 Tutow


  1. Admission is from 18 years!
  2. Please bring no dogs and no children to the event, because the event is not suitable.
    Apparently and unfortunately not everyone is aware of their responsibility.
    Please understand us!!!
  3. And as always please do not make an open fire!
  4. Pay attention to your environment, your friends, other party guests and of course take care of yourself!!!

Travel Information

You take the train to DEMMIN. From there, the shuttle buses leave from 11:00 on Friday. These are organized by the taxi service Albrecht, which you can reach under (+49) 172/9429569.

Please have a little patience, there may be some waiting times, but keep within limits, because the taxis commute permanently back and forth.

Costs: At full occupation (8 persons), the trip costs 3,-€/person.


To come by car isn´t a problem at all. It´s possible to camp at your car this time.


  1. Please note that the trains to DEMMIN do not run at night.
  2. The last train connection on Friday from BERLIN leaves at 19:43, then again the next at 05:43 Saturday morning.
  3. The last normal train connection from HAMBURG leaves already at 17:35, after that the trip takes a long time. At 02:55 clock is again a train, but this connection takes almost 6 hours. From 06:04 clock drives back to the normal train.
  4. The last regular train from ROSTOCK leaves at 19:14. The next train then leaves again at 04:54.


This information comes from the official Deutsche Bahn website: www.bahn.deThere you get all the information, also for other starting points. In addition, all information for the return trip. (!) Please see for yourself again, maybe until then something changes, the information is therefore without guarantee.

The Crew

The Goa Gil & Ariane Open Air Germany is a cooperation of Mutterschiff e.V., Soundviecher, deco-artists, technicians and lots of other supporters, valued helpers and fans  - simply people with a great heart and lots of fun in psychedelic music and unfortunately not everybody of the whole crew (please forgive me!) is mentioned here by their names.


Mutterschiff e.V.
Goa Gil OA Germany
Nina Vogler & Judith Stange

Fon: +49(0) 163 161 542 3
Mail: info@goagil-party.de
Web: www.goagil-party.de


Evil Ears Design


Marcodoodle (Soundviecher)





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